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Lunascura Doberman Kennel

Lunascura Doberman Kennel
Lunascura Hiroshi Halo in Martin Sorcses's new film Hugo!

Lunascura Dobermann Kennel specialises in training and breeding European Dobermann from some of the world's top bloodlines. We have had Dobermann for over ten years and have been lucky to be able to import several cropped and docked Dobermann from some of the top Dobermann kennels in mainland Europe and more recently from Russia.

We are active in working our Dobermann and enjoy training Dobermann for Schutzhund/IPO and ZTP. We are also active in showing our Dobermann across Europe and have had increasing success in recent years.

We breed a small number of litters each year (maximum 2 in one year so far) from fully health tested adults and are willing to travel extensvely to find the best stud male in our aim to produce healthy and beautiful Dobermann puppies that are also fit for purpose in terms of temperament to work. We are also now testing for DCM using the new DNA test available in the US. We already have results back to prove Vasco, Ursula, Natrix, Romance, Matreshka, Yuki and Sushi are all DCM free for the known DCM gene!

Although we have been based in Northern Ireland our work has taken us all over Europe and sometimes for extented periods, including having worked in Holland for extended periods at a time and also Malta for a year where we bred one litter of pups, our D-Litter. We are now in the process of starting to relocate to Europe and our kennel is registered with both the UK Kennel Club and with the FCI and we have started to split our dogs more permanently between Northern Irelend and Europe.

Due to our UK kennel being based in Northern Ireland we are lucky that the puppies from our few remaining litters that will be born there can be docked. Docking is still legal here for the time being although a docking ban has been passed and will come into affect in 2012. However, the most important thing for us is the health and quality of our Dobermann puppies and are happy that this is the main reason why people contact us about puppies.

As we have stated in the near future we are expecting to relocate outside of the United Kingdom permanently and are currently completing on a property in Italy, but in the meantime we have a few more litters planned so should have Dobermann puppies for sale in the UK until the end of 2011. If you are interested in a puppy from us we would ask that you take a few minutes to read our section on Buying a Puppy before contacting us as many questions are already answered there.

We have made a lot of recent updates to our site and you can find links to the updates we do in the news section. We have tried to include as much useful information as possible.

We hope that you enjoy our website and our Facebook Page and invite you to take a moment to sign our guestbook and let us know what you think about our dobermann and our kennel.

All the Best

Everyone at Lunascura Dobermann Kennel

EMAIL: info@luna-scura.com   PHONE: +44 771 771 2777